Our ultimate protection shield offers unparalleled security for your CNG system, ensuring safety and peace of mind.


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Effortless CNG Tracking and Monitoring Solution

Experience seamless tracking and monitoring of your CNG system with our effortless solution, providing enhanced control and peace of mind.

Enhanced CNG Monitoring with Live Tracking Capabilities

Elevate your CNG monitoring with our advanced solution featuring live tracking capabilities, allowing real-time location updates and improved oversight of your CNG system.

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Ignition Alert

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Power Cut Alert

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Engine On/Off Status

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Speed Alert

Easytrax GPS Tracker For CNG


With the help of the Easytrax GPS tracker, you can receive notifications providing the precise location of your CNG. The GPS feature displays your CNG's position on Google Maps, regardless of whether it is in motion or the engine is turned off. Additionally, you will receive alerts for any unauthorized engine starts, enabling you to proactively prevent undesired incidents from occurring.

Key Benefits

 Stay on top of vehicle repairs with behavior reports.

Increase productivity by finding efficient routes.
Enhance safety with live tracking and monitoring.

Receive real-time alerts for geofence, overspending, and more.

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Easytrax Super Safe GPS Tracker for Car-Microbus-SUV

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